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A home should be a place of beauty and joy, an escape from our chaotic world.  We help you feather your nest in a way that is warm and inviting, organized, and orderly, and celebratory for you to enjoy traditions with family and friends.



blair perry

Ten years ago I bought a house that was a blank canvas. My dream was to make it a cozy home that my two daughters and our friends would enjoy. I was lucky enough to hire Feather, Fluff and Flings to help my dream come true! I had some artwork that I wanted to highlight as well as find new furnishings that were inviting and comfortable. Soon my house was described as a "treasure box". My neighbors even commented that the house glowed to the outside world. Cheri and Jamie had inventive ideas and were able to work with what I already had as well as to add special pieces to make my house "one of a kind"! From paint choices to wallpaper selections to custom bedding and furniture, I will be forever grateful to the girls of Feather, Fluff and Flings for making my house a home!

jennifer c. seger

Not only did they take care of hiring subcontractors for both exterior and interior improvements and painting, they took on the arduous task of decluttering, organizing, and updating our very outdated décor. Closets were organized like I’ve never seen before. Of course, some stuff had to go to storage, which they readily took care of for us (with our approval) while we were gone. I will never forget the utter amazement we all felt when we arrived home, after a ten-day trip, albeit a much better version than the one we left behind. From the moment I met them, I felt a sense of calm and ease that is difficult to put into words. Though we affectionately refer to them as the fairies, I think perhaps an even better term may be angels. 

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